Beards are becoming essential in men’s fashion. The exquisitely manicured beards you see worn by celebrities and athletes are works of art that take time to prepare and care for. Beards, forged for greatness by straight razor trims, special shampoos, and conditioners, but don’t worry, your beard can be destined for greatness too! And we’re here to help. In the month of April, if you book a Barber Beard Trim at our location, you will receive a complimentary barber beard wash as well as 10% off Anthony Beard Wash!

If your beard is looking too wild or unmanageable, it’s time to make your appointment at 18|8 Brookhaven and have our expert barbers set you on the right track to bearded greatness. A question we often get is, wouldn’t a trim slow the growth of my beard? Or couldn’t I use the same shampoo for both my hair and beard? The answer to both of these is no, and here’s why.

Start Getting Your Beard Trimmed

Don’t panic, trimming your beard with a pair of scissors or beard trimmer isn’t as scary as it sounds. In fact, not only does it help to keep the beards shape symmetrical, but it also helps to protect it from split-ends that can stunt the growth of your beard. These split-ends aren’t too different from the ones on our heads. However, some may argue the split ends in beards are easier to spot. Whatever the case may be if you want the beard of your dreams, it’s going to take some routine maintenance. Pairing a regular beard trim with beard oils and beard waxes is a great way to minimize split ends while also keeping the appearance of beards looking nice.

Pick Out The Perfect Beard Cleansing Products

There are products out there that claim to be a complete body wash from head to toe, but beards and scalps should never be lumped in the same category especially when it comes to grooming. Beards require certain natural oils that our body creates that keep beards strong and healthy. If we strip our beards of those essential oils, our beards will become frail, and frizzy. Body washes also tend to dry out the skin on our faces. Only shampoos and conditioners designed for beards can promote growth. At our 18|8 Brookhaven location, we offer a full line of beard maintenance products to get the job done, leaving your beard clean and your face hydrated.

Visit Your Neighborhood Barrington Barber Shop

During the month of April, when you book our special including a beard trim you will also get a complimentary beard wash with Anthony Beard Wash and 10% off our Anthony Beard Wash products. Schedule an appointment online or call (404) 481-5358 to complete your look and get your beard trimmed. Not only will it promote natural growth and protect from split-ends, it will also set you off on the right foot when growing an iconic beard for the ages. See you soon!