Gray hair is normal and natural, but initially it can be difficult to deal with a dramatic change. At 18I8 men’s salon in Brookhaven, we have the stylists and barbers to help you through this transition period. With access to new products, new haircut ideas, and advice, you can smoothly and comfortably convert your new style with your gray hair. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop your hair from graying; it is a naturally occurring process. As your hair starts to loose its original color, don’t be disappointed, be excited for a new phase of your life. Below, we’ve listed some tips and common concerns about gray hair, what to do, and how to embrace your new hair color!


Be Comfortable & Embrace Your Gray Hair

Graying hair happens to every man at some point or another. For some, it happens earlier than others and that is okay! Your hair turning gray is not a bad thing, it’s completely natural and you should feel comfortable through the change and transition period. Many men strive for that “salt and pepper” look or a dapper gray that almost gives the sense of experience and confidence. By embracing your new gray hair, you too can have this same authority and self-assurance. However, if graying hair is not what you want, that’s alright too! At 18I8 Brookhaven, we want to make sure you are your most comfortable self with your hair color.


Don’t Want To Go Gray?

If gray hair isn’t right for you, our barbers and stylists have two main solutions to recommend:

Both hair coloring and gray hair blending are excellent options. Depending on your goal look and hair style, our barbers can help choose the best option for you. It truly depends on your preference! If you do not want to gray at all, hair coloring is the better option. This will allow you to keep your natural hair color longer and keep a youthful look about you. If you want to ease your way into your graying hair, gray hair blending is for you! With the help of our stylists, we can achieve the perfect salt and pepper look.


Let’s Talk Grays Today!

For more questions or hair concerns, contact your 18I8 Brookhaven men’s salon today. Our barbers and stylists will be happy to answer all of your questions and steer you towards the best option for your needs. We offer hair coloring, gray hair blending, hair cuts and styles, and an array of products to help you through this transition. Call to schedule or book your appointment online today!