What does it mean to be a gentleman? It’s more than just looking sharp and being polite. Being a gentleman is a state of mind that shows through your actions, looks, how you carry yourself. At 18|8 Brookhaven, we know what it takes to look like a gentlemen, but here are a few traits beyond looks that are an integral part of being a true modern gentleman for you to be inspired by.

4 Key Traits Of A Gentleman

1.) He’s Respectful.

While this may be one of the more easily identifiable characteristics of a gentleman, it’s still a very important one. Respecting someone is more than just being polite and holding open doors for them. It means that you legitimately care about who they are and what they have to say. A true gentleman understands that everyone deserves respect unless they prove otherwise.

2.) He’s Respected. 

A gentleman respects others while also demanding respect himself. Demanding respect isn’t a skill that can be learned, but comes with how you carry yourself. Being confident in your abilities and letting it show, or just having an air of importance.

3.) He Knows Who He Is

A gentleman knows what he likes, and what he doesn’t. He has defined his style and sticks to it, not being pressured into looking a certain way or doing anything he doesn’t want to do. This is all about being confident and feeling pride in who you are and want to be. Now, this doesn’t mean that a gentleman can’t change, but just that he would change on his own terms, and only for himself.

4.) He’s Never Complacent

A gentleman is a natural leader, and natural leaders are always looking for ways that they can improve themselves. Every man has his strengths and his weaknesses, and working to use those strengths or overcome those weaknesses not only make you a better man, but also help you be more confident in yourself and worthy of respect.

Look & Feel Like A Gentleman With 18|8 Brookhaven

As we mentioned above, gentlemen have their own defined style and a sense of confidence. At 18|8 our complete salon experience designed just for men makes it easy to maintain that gentleman style, and give you a boost in confidence so you feel like you can take on any challenge that comes your way.

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