Many of us go through our daily lives without giving men’s scalp treatment a second thought. But this soothing procedure can make a world a difference to your health and well-being, and is believed to help address baldness at all stages. The best part? Men’s scalp treatments in Brookhaven, GA are available today from the professionals at 18|8 Brookhaven. Read on to learn how a men’s scalp treatment can provide a rejuvenating experience and help you be the best version of yourself.

Gets The Blood Flowing

As with most skin and surface treatments, one of the major benefits of a men’s scalp treatment is increased blood flow to the treated area. This can help even out discoloration around the scalp and face while also providing a cooling effect perfect for the hot summer months. Of course, increased blood flow is also a natural way to encourage hair growth in the treated areas.

Fewer Headaches

It’s not uncommon to suffer from headaches caused by personal stress or environmental factors, and a scalp treatment can be the perfect way to relax. Soothing professional touch can help relieve tight muscles around the temples, jaw, and brow, all places where tension builds and create pressure points that can be hard to identify on your own. Addressed by a professional, releasing this tension can be a euphoric experience.

Avoids Chemical Treatment

Professional men’s scalp treatments can help eliminate dry, flaky skin that builds up around the roots of our hair, no matter how often we bathe or shower. Chemicals in shampoos designed to treat dandruff or other scalp issues can cause irritation or redness, especially for those with sensitive skin. The deep massaging technique of scalp treatment draws away dead skin that can become matted down over time and help more evenly spread the natural oils produced by your body to keep skin healthy, without the use of harsh consumer brands that can sometimes make scalp issues worse.

Naturally Encourages Hair Growth

By stimulating blood flow and hair follicles and reducing stress, scalp treatment can help you keep the hair you already have while encouraging enhanced growth in places you’d like to see more. If you’re in a situation where other treatments aren’t safe or available, or just want to give your existing hair growth regimen a boost, scalp treatment is a perfect next step for the sensible man.

Contact Your Brookhaven Men’s Barbershop

Maybe you haven’t considered a men’s scalp treatment before, or are on the fence about trying one for yourself but don’t have a favorite men’s barbershop nearby. 18|8 Brookhaven provides incredible scalp treatments that can benefit any scalp type, from full thick hair to balding or completely bald already. 18|8 Brookhaven is a premier men’s barbershop in Atlanta, GA providing cuts, shaves, conditions, and of course, men’s scalp treatment. Contact us or schedule your appointment today with 18|8 Brookhaven and experience the benefits of a men’s scalp treatment for yourself!