Bad-Hair-GuyWhile we love that summer brings warm weather and more time spent outside, we are less enthusiastic about sharing Atlanta with notoriously high humidity. As if this weren’t enough to contend with, the excessive heat and moisture can also leave us feeling sweaty. Humidity and sweat can ruin all the work you did styling your hair, so use these tips to stay dry and cool this summer. 

Avoid Excessive Shampoo

Great hair starts with a healthy shampoo routine. Using shampoo too often can damage hair by ripping away essential, natural oils. When follicles are dried out, sweat and oil can quickly turn your hair into a mess. Alternatively, going too long between washes can make your hair slick with grease. Any additional moisture only compounds the problem. For the best results, try to shampoo your hair just two or three times per week.

Put Your Blow Dryer to Work

Hot air is your hair’s best friend! Although it may seem counterintuitive to combat sweat with heat, this is exactly what your style routine needs. Even the most gnarly kinks and curls will surrender to the force of your blow dryer. Additionally, the results will last much longer and stand up far better to sweat. It is best to use to blow dry your hair completely before applying any product to guarantee results.

Use Water-Resistant Product

You can’t fight sweat with a watery finish, which is why men’s grooming experts recommend sticking to waxy pomades and creams. Wax is inherently resistant to water and provides a strong hold. If you don’t like the texture of wax, try using a leave-in conditioner instead. You can reapply throughout the day as needed.

Leave It Alone

Playing with your hair only makes sweaty styling look worse. One of the best ways to mitigate sweat and humidity is to leave your locks alone!

You can always enlist the help of your local men’s salon in Brookhaven to keep your strands sweat-free.