Facial & Skin Treatments

When it comes to skin care, men don’t usually have the best reputation. When you take that lack of skin care and add on irritation and damage from a daily shaving routine, your skin can be left in some pretty bad shape. To solve this, you don’t want to go to a normal salon, because they don’t specialize in men’s skin care like our professional stylists do here at 18|8 Brookhaven. Our facial and skin treatment is designed specifically to help cleanse and renew men’s skin. Even if you actually care for your skin on a regular basis, our treatment will give your face a deeper and more thorough clean than you get from any home skin care products.

Skinmetics Treatment

Before you get your full facial treatment, you’ll get to enjoy the beginning of the 18|8 experience first. From the moment you walk in the door, we’ll help you relax and take your mind away from the normal stresses of your day with a refreshing drink and some friendly conversation. We’ll then guide you over to a personal semi-private station so we can give your face some much-needed attention.

Our Skinmetics facial treatment begins with an in-depth cleaning that washes away any dirt and oils, even if it’s buried deep down in your pores. We then begin a specialized exfoliation and hydration treatment that cleanses helps cleanse your skin of any other impurities and makes sure that it stays healthy. If you tend to be stressed on a daily basis, it could be having a negative effect on your skin. In addition to your facial treatment, we give you neck, shoulder, and scalp massages to help that stress just fade away so you can feel relaxed and refreshed. Your full facial will take up to 45 minutes and we assure you, you’ll feel like a brand new man once we're done.

Skinmetics Package

Our Skinmetics Package combines our specialized men’s facial treatment with the 18|8 signature Executive Haircut. In addition to the relaxing massages and the revitalizing skin treatment, our expert stylist will make sure that you get the perfect haircut to match your style. With smooth, clean skin and perfect hair, you’ll look like a true modern gentleman.

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If your skin is in need of some quality skin care, 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon Brookhaven has exactly what you need. Schedule your appointment with us online, or simply give us a call. If you happen to be passing through Town Brookhaven and you want to see what 18|8 is all about, don’t hesitate to walk right in, experience any of our classic barbershop services for yourself, and see why we are the ultimate men’s salon experience. We proudly serve the men of Brookhaven, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, and any of the surrounding areas.