Look around your office, your favorite hang out spot, or even around the streets of Midtown this month and you might notice something – a mysterious proliferation of mustaches, beards, and facial hair on all the men you see. Far from some kind of furry apocalypse, this uptick in fuzzy faces is caused by Movember, an initiative that aims to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues by encouraging guys not to shave off their facial adornments for the month. But how did Movember start? And how, exactly, does abstaining from shaving benefit prostate cancer?

From Humble Beginnings

It all started in Australia in 2003, when the Movember Foundation asked men down under to flaunt big, beautiful mustaches as an invitation for talking about prostate cancer. The idea was to have men change their appearances, which would foster questions and conversations that could then be directed to talk about prostate cancer and men’s health in general.

The Movember Foundation is still going strong and raised $21 million for the cause in 2013 alone, but it’s no longer the only facial hair-themed health organization taking action in November. No-Shave November is a similar organization with a slight twist on the Movember model. Instead of just growing mustaches, No-Shave November asks men to skip shaves and trims entirely throughout the month of November and donate the money they would’ve spent on grooming to the American Cancer Society. The thinking goes that everyone spends some money on caring for their facial hair, and donating that money to the ACS en masse – even if it’s only a few dollars per individual – can snowball into a big impact.

By now, both Movember and No-Shave November have grown into worldwide rituals, and you may have even participated in them yourself in the past. This year, though, we encourage you to participate not just with your face, but by donating whatever you would’ve spent on grooming to the American Cancer Society. And we’ve got a reward in store for you if you do – you could be eligible to win a free Executive Membership with 18|8 Brookhaven!

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