Razor burn is a common problem for many men. Besides the pain and discomfort, razor bumps and the redness that accompanies them can look unsightly, and deal a serious blow to one’s confidence. If you’ve battled the burn without success, take heart. Your Atlanta barber knows some smart strategies for tackling this problem and becoming burn-free.

What Causes Razor Burn

Razor bumps are both an eyesore and a painful nuisance, but they don’t just erupt from out of nowhere. Those bumps are the result of clogged and irritated skin follicles, which usually develop from either dead skin cells or ingrown hairs. Both of these signal that it may be time to change up your shaving routine.

A Close Shave Is Key

While men of color are especially susceptible to razor bumps and burn, improper shaving is a common cause of razor burn for all types of men. However, you can retool your shaving routine to rectify this problem:

These are fundamentals for your regular shaving routine, but a straight razor shave performed by a professional barber has its own benefits. For one, you get a very close shave thanks to the long single blade used on your skin. Also, this efficient method requires fewer passes of the blade over your skin, reducing irritation and giving you longer-lasting results.

Get a Straight Razor Shave in Atlanta

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