Finding the perfect haircut is a must for looking your absolute best – but haircuts aren’t one size fits all. To truly perfect your look, you have to find a haircut that compliments your facial shape and shows off your best features. So how do you do that? At 18|8 Brookhaven, we’re your comprehensive partner in style – so here’s our guide to choosing a haircut that matches your facial shape.

How to Identify Your Face Shape

So what kind of haircut is right for you? It’s not a perfect science, but most faces can be generally categorized into a number of shapes based on four measurements: the width of the forehead, the width of the cheekbones, the length of the jawline, and the length of the face. Here are the most common facial shapes:

Choosing the Right Haircut

So now you know what type of face you have – but how do you pick the right haircut? Here’s a guide to the haircuts that fit with each facial shape:

Schedule a Haircut with Your Brookhaven Barbershop

We hope this guide helped you pick the perfect do for your face – but if you really want to get the cut right, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals. At 18|8 Brookhaven, we’ve helped countless men from all over Atlanta find the perfect haircut and optimize their style – and we can do the same for you. Book an appointment online today. We’ll help you perfect your look and start the year in style.