Everyone deserves healthy skin, and the secret to that glowing, sleek look is routine skin care. As a man, you need equally as much – if not more – skin management as ladies. Since men have higher levels of testosterone, they produce more oil than the average lady. As a result, you may have a higher probability of lackluster skin, acne, and clogged pores. Fortunately, this can be corrected through regular visits to a men’s salon or spa for a facial.

Why Men Should Get Facials

Going for a professional facial will offer you both relaxation and health benefits. Here are the most significant:

1. Facials Clean Oily Skin

Since a man’s skin tends to be oilier than that of a lady, you need extra effort to ensure it remains healthy and bright. Our Brookhaven GA men’s salon offers great facial services to help reduce these oils, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean.

2. Facials Treat Acne

With excess oil on the skin, inflammation and clogged pores follow. Nevertheless, our men’s facial treatments for acne will open the pores and lower irritation levels on the skin. If you suffer from persistent acne, we recommend you opt for our Brookhaven men’s facial treatments on a basis as it will bring along a significant improvement on your skin condition, with fewer pimples, and reduced redness.

3. Facials Soothe Razor Burn

Razor bumps are not only an inconvenience, but they are also the primary concern of sensitive skin. Everyday shaving is usually hard on the skin and may leave you with reddened skin and irritated bumps. However, if you request a facial from one of our professional barbers and stylists, they are trained to help soothe your problem areas and guide you on a healthy regimen for your needs.

4. Facials Provide Regular Exfoliation

‘Rugged’ may be an impressive look, but dirt, dead skin, and debris on your skin can irritate and damage the skin if left unchecked. Facials slough away dirt and dead skin cells to reveal younger-looking, smoother skin. As you clear away the dirt and debris, you will unclog pores to reduce the chances of breakouts, leaving behind a clean, glowing, and even complexion.

5. Facials are a Great Way To Relax!

When did you last take a break to unwind? By visiting our reputable men’s salon in Brookhaven GA, you will be placed in a calming environment while one of our knowledgeable esthetic professionals eases your facial muscles while deep cleaning your pores. Everybody deserves a getaway, and whether you are visiting us for a haircut, waxing, or a shave, a facial is the perfect add on for a relaxing session.

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If you’re looking to clean up 18|8 Brookhaven GA provides the best treatment and packages for the modern gentleman. That’s why this month, we have a facial special where you get a discount of 15% of our facial products with any facial treatment purchase. Book an appointment with us today or call us at (404) 481-5368 and let us help bring out the suave, classy man in you.