A Hairstyle Guide To Find Your Signature Haircut

You can really turn some heads with a great haircut! More men are beginning to explore bolder haircuts that are simple, easy to maintain, and easy to style. There are several things that affect what haircut will work best for you. When you’re looking for your signature style, you will want to think about both […]

Benefits of Scalp Treatment

man receiving scalp treatment at 18|8 fine men’s salon

Many of us go through our daily lives without giving men’s scalp treatment a second thought. But this soothing procedure can make a world a difference to your health and well-being, and is believed to help address baldness at all stages. The best part? Men’s scalp treatments in Brookhaven, GA are available today from the […]

How Facials Help Men

18|8 Fine Men’s Salon client receiving a men’s facial in Brookhaven GA

Everyone deserves healthy skin, and the secret to that glowing, sleek look is routine skin care. As a man, you need equally as much – if not more – skin management as ladies. Since men have higher levels of testosterone, they produce more oil than the average lady. As a result, you may have a […]

How to Properly Trim Your Beard

How To Properly Trim Your Beard Beard Experts In Atlanta A well-kept beard is one of the defining physical manifestations of a dapper, modern gentleman. At 18 | 8 Brookhaven Atlanta, our men’s hair experts provide a variety of services including beard trims and shaves. While our stylists provide the highest quality haircuts and beard […]

Tips for Thicker Hair as a Guy

18 | 8 Salon — Men’s Hair Experts Everyone knows that your hair is an essential part of your identity as a suave, modern gentleman. Many men, however, are concerned with how they can attain (or retain) that thick head of hair. Our hair experts at 18 | 8 Brookhaven Atlanta are here to help. […]

Your Guide to Being Razor Burn-Free

straight razor shaving with foam in barber shop

Razor burn is a common problem for many men. Besides the pain and discomfort, razor bumps and the redness that accompanies them can look unsightly, and deal a serious blow to one’s confidence. If you’ve battled the burn without success, take heart. Your Atlanta barber knows some smart strategies for tackling this problem and becoming […]

The Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape

Your beard is a focal point for your overall style. Without a trimmed and maintained beard, You might not have the best first impression on someone. Make sure you are looking your best by grooming your beard in the best style for your face shape. Find Your Face Shape You may have a good idea […]

How To Take Care of Men’s Hair

Man Getting His hair Shampooed

Some days are good hair days, and some are far from. Our barbers at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Brookhaven, GA understand that after your cut and style, caring for your hair outside of our barbershop is hard. Sometimes you don’t know what to do or know you should be caring for your hair differently. […]

5 Things To Thank Dad For This Father’s Day

Father Holding His Newborn

Ah, Father’s Day. The day of appreciation for the guy who puts the ‘man’ in manicure. At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Brookhaven, we want to treat you for being a great father or son. This year, instead of getting Dad another tie or bottle of cologne, why not take him to 18|8 Fine Men’s […]

The Top 5 Reasons Men Should Get Facials

A Man Getting A Facial

If your version of a facial cleansing and moisturizing routine consists of a splash of water and a bit of soap, your skin is probably screaming for some much-needed attention. At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Brookhaven, our men’s facial treatments have everything that your skin needs to be rejuvenated entirely, leaving you with healthier, […]