At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Brookhaven, our family of barbers, stylists, and professionals are all proud supporters of BlazeSports America, a non-profit sports organization that gives children and adults with physical disabilities the chance to play their favorite sports and enjoy healthy and active lifestyles. This month, we have the chance to support this organization by voting for them with our Facebook accounts and emails, every day! Gatorade’s campaign, “For The Love Of Sports” is donating an incredible amount of $50,000 to the winning sports charity, and BlazeSports America is racing towards the prize!

B14333065_792373087569393_8119845704812463975_nlazeSports America Athlete Spotlight

Our friend Collin has participated in the BlazeSports America program since he was 6 years old. Over the past 7 years, he’s been growing with the organization, making new friends, and playing his favorite sports thanks to the BlazeSports team. He participates in wheelchair basketball and wheelchair track and field, his favorite sports, in addition to swimming. Everything that he does with the BlazeSports community, he attributes to as his supportive team. As a second family, there couldn’t be another group of peers closer to him that help him live the active lifestyle he’s always wanted to.

BlazeSports America’s Mission

14333609_792373030902732_5039003201624740555_nBy changing the lives of children, youth, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities through adaptive sport and recreation, this non-profit is moving us towards a more inclusive society and providing the opportunities for all people to have an improved quality of life and health. We would love for all our friends, family, and amazing clients to help raise awareness for this great cause that is positively impacting people’s self-esteem and independence.

From now until October 15th, you can make a difference by voting for BlazeSports America in Gatorade’s Charity Competition every single day. Each vote will count towards getting Collin and his friends closer to fueling their love of sports forward. Cast your vote today to help our favorite non-profit organization win big!

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