Your beard is a focal point for your overall style. Without a trimmed and maintained beard, You might not have the best first impression on someone. Make sure you are looking your best by grooming your beard in the best style for your face shape.

Find Your Face Shape

You may have a good idea about what the shape of your face is, or it may be more difficult for you to pin down. An easy way to establish face shape is to take the following measurements:

Once you have taken the above measurements, use the general proportions to determine which shape your face is most like:

Choose your Best Beard Style

Next time you go for a beard trim at our Brookhaven men’s salon, consider the following advice about the type of trim to request. The primary goal of grooming your beard to your face shape is to achieve a well-rounded oval shape. A variety of beard styles look good on an oval face since you’re already starting with the end goal achieved. If your face is more round or square, the sides of your beard should be kept short and more hair should be kept on your chin. The opposite applies to oblong-shaped faces. Keep the bottom short and the sides fuller to achieve the oval effect.

Visit a Professional Barber

If you want a well-groomed look, the best thing you can do is visit 18|8 Brookhaven, the professional barbers in Atlanta men are trusting for their beard maintenance. Our team can give you the perfect beard trim and haircut, so you leave our men’s salon looking better than ever. Make your appointment today!