Ah, Father’s Day. The day of appreciation for the guy who puts the ‘man’ in manicure. At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Brookhaven, we want to treat you for being a great father or son. This year, instead of getting Dad another tie or bottle of cologne, why not take him to 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Brookhaven for a haircut, straight razor shave, and facial to truly show him how much you appreciate everything he’s done for you. While You’re at our men’s salon, remember these five things you should thank your father for this Father’s day

1. Shaving

Think back to the first time you saw your dad shaving. It seemed so grown-up, and you couldn’t wait for the day when you could use a real razor instead of scraping shaving cream off your pre-teen face with a toothbrush handle. It was tricky at first–maybe that full man-beard you expected to grow in turned out to be weird patches, or perhaps it was too much to handle all at once. Regardless, dad taught you how to keep the situation under control. Can you imagine how hard life would be without him there to show you how to scrape your face with a sharp little object, just to keep that face looking great? We can’t either. And when you need an extra-special shave or trim, leave it to us to take care of it for you. Our team of barbers and stylists can give you a shave Dad would be proud of.

2. Style

Maybe mom was the one who picked out your clothes as a kid, but dad taught you how to pull them off. He warned you that your first suit wouldn’t feel anything like your basketball shorts, but that’s part of being a man. Maybe through pursed lips, he let you think you were all that when you spiked your hair and frosted your tips. Now you realize you should have listed sooner when he wanted to take you to a proper barber shop for a haircut & style. At least you have some great photos to remind your son why he should listen to his father. And even if Pops isn’t the best-kept man, he still inadvertently taught you what not to do– right?

Even with a stylish and well-dressed dad, choosing the right haircut can be hard if you’ve worn the same style for a long time. Our barbers and stylists keep up to date with the modern techniques and can help you, and your Dad get that perfect look for your respective age and style.

3. Pushing You To Do Better

When you didn’t make the varsity team, he told you “that’s ok-keep practicing, and you’ll only get better.” He was mad when you failed that exam, but you needed that extra push to study harder. Even when it didn’t feel like it, he’s always been your biggest cheerleader. You’re his pride and joy, and everything he did was because he wanted you to succeed. And from the looks of it now, he did a good job.

4. Treating Others

Between helping with homework, cheering at your games, and giving the best advice he had, dad taught you that being a man is that balance between knowing how to treat yourself and how to treat others. He showed you how to be a modern gentleman. You have a busy life around Atlanta, but you still make time for your family and friends. That’s a virtue you’ll have to thank dad for.

5. Treating Yo’Self

Dad worked his butt off to give you the best life he could. He showed you that hard work pays off, but that it’s also important to take some “me time” every once in a while. We’re lucky that nowadays, there are services like facials or other skin treatments, nail treatments, and more right here in Brookhaven just for men to take care of themselves and relieve stress. If you’re starting to see your stress on your skin, your old man would want you to come into 18 | 8 Fine Men’s Salons to take care of yourself.

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Want to make dad proud? For Father’s day, why not come into our Brookhaven Barbershop for some R&R! Our team will treat you and your Dad like kings, and you’ll leave with a new look and time well spend with your Dad. Schedule your appointment today!